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I live by the stream ⚓ Gerhard aka elbblick from Hamburg creates content

Hi, I'm Gerhard aka elbblick, I'm from Hamburg and I create content. Elbblick translates to “view of the Elbe”, a stream in Germany. So I'm what you might call a content creator these days. Before (in the past™) it was usually called a blogger. I don't just focus on social media, but also on audio, video, streaming and graphics work. Consequently, today's name probably fits better - not everything was better. Nevertheless, my profiles continue to exist in other places and are more or less regularly updated. You can find a few links in the link tree.

This is my personal website. Elbblick's online home. In this day and age of social media and microblogging, something like this seems like a rarity, of which I am of course aware. Nevertheless, I still prefer to publish some content on owned media. We've seen how you can (or cannot) rely even on supposedly secure platforms. Thank you, Elron Mush.

Nørdlicht at heart - Content made in Hamburg

So, what kind of unfiltered content can you expect here? It's hard to tell, as I'm only just starting to ramp up my activities again. Always with a North German flavour, not always with a literal view of the Elbe.

I'm sure topics such as audio production, especially podcasting, my existence as a streamer, my vocation as an engineer and computer scientist and, of course, Kanban will come up. But will that be enough? Let's see what I surprise myself with.

elbblick as Microblogger, Streamer, Podcaster and Co.

You may be asking yourself: What kind of content is actually coming out of Hamburg?

On the one hand, there's the public side. If you don't want to miss anything I post, it's best to follow me on one of the social media channels (usually @elbblick or similar).

Just follow the link tree in the navigation area or click directly here.

Gerhard as a creator behind the scenes

And then there's the other, less visible side. For example, support for one or more creators, be it through content, tech support, in the corporate context (intranet) or with topics from the world of work. Not only in Hamburg. 

Working behind the scenes enables other people to bring their content into the world. Content that also fits in well with my values. And thus to an important point:

Operating instructions for Gerhard alias elbblick

There are a few things that are definite to me. I don't negotiate them either. You may not like that, but that would be more of a you problem.

Here's a short - but not exhaustive - instruction manual for Gerhard:

  • No human is illegal.
  • Science is not an opinion.
  • Opinions are not facts.
  • Gender is a spectrum.
  • The climate catastrophe is real.
  • Trans women are women.
  • Trans men are men.
  • The AfD is a Nazi party.
  • Racism kills.
  • Vaccination saves lives.

So whenever I create content, or act in my capacity as an engineer, computer scientist or in any other role, the aforementioned principles apply to me.