Hey, it’s me, I’m the blogger, it’s me …

It’s been a while. It has been a few years, to be honest. So why get back into blogging now? It is a new year, but in itself that will usually just guarantee that this blog is left to die after one or two months. So what has changed?

Well, for starters, I switched to English. It has been something I was planning to do all along, but I did not find the right time. Instead of searching for the right occasion, I’ll just roll with it. Here’s to hoping that this will help improve my English over time.

What else is new in 2023? My probationary period has ended. The termination period of my contract extended to six months. This also means that every move I make in order to change jobs will usually come with a higher risk of being unemployed after that period. There are only few employers that would be willing to sign a contract half a year in advance.

Yes, this also means I can only be terminated with a six month termination period. The thing is: In Germany it is very hard for an employer to terminate a contract after the probation period. Unless it is a very small company, the whole company is disbanded or you do anything illegal or in bad faith, you will not be terminated. Or you are entitled to a generous compensation for unlawful termination.

So in general the termination period is just limiting the employee. But all in all I am pretty happy with where I am these days. I have a job that is improving working conditions for a bunch of people. I have an employer that has a great purpose, designing the railway system of the future. And unless someone is threatening me with a director’s position, I would not have any incentive to change jobs.

In addition, I get to try new ways to organize my work life. My first experiment this year will be to introduce a No Meeting Monday. I will react to mails and messages within two hours at least acknowledging them, but I will not schedule or confirm any meetings on Mondays, including one-on-ones. Let’s see how that works out, I will check in regularly.

My total working hours in a week are limited by law. It states that I can not put in more than 48 hours per week and are limited to 8 hours per day on average over 24 weeks. As every week has six work days (of which I can use Monday through Friday for my main job), I will be able to stay within that limitation even if I hit ten hours on any given day from Monday to Friday.

This leaves me with up to 10 hours of work per day, 11 hours including a 1 hour break. As I usually start checking my mails around 8am, I am done no later than 7pm, and keep my weekends free. This may still sound like a lot, but for me it is a massive improvement over the hours I put in as a full-time self-employed coach. And it actually frees up some time within those working hours for reading – something I actively need to schedule to get to it.

As for this blog … I guess, I might write a little more about my job? It is likely that I will not blog daily. I will try to put out content on a daily basis though, either here, on YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, or TikTok. Let’s see how that works out. You can find all my socials over on my Linkbaum.

Here’s to a successful 2023!